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It was a very special time for us as we celebrated #WorldPangolinDay2023! Prof. Morenikeji gave the first lecture, highlighting the vision, operations and achievements of the Pangolin Conservation Guild Nigeria. Our guest speakers were Mrs. Abimbola Animashaun- Isafiade, Officer in Charge of Nigeria Customs Service Special Wildlife Office; Joseph Kruzich, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate General […]

Big win for pangolins!

At this point in time when pangolins are all being driven to extinction with great speed, every measure deemed necessary should be applied to save the remaining populations of pangolins. CITES COP19 urges parties to remove references to pangolins from ‘official pharmacopoeia’…And also encouraged conducting workshops on law enforcement concerned with illegal cross-border movement of […]

Community Pangolin Conservation Taskforc...

Community Pangolin Conservation Taskforce (CPCTF) in Nigeria (6)

The four-day training on “Community-Based Pangolin Conservation and Protection” was an assembly of the Epe community’s traditional leaders, religious leaders, youths, hunters, bush meat sellers, market women and men, the Federal Ministry of Environment and law enforcement agencies such as the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), the Nigerian Customs Service, Civil Defence, Immigration etc.



Pangolins provide the earth with all-natural pest control. They are fantastic tenders of soil. Their presence alongside other organisms and processes within the habitat they live in, is absolutely imperative to continued healthy ecosystem functioning. Pangolins play two basic roles in the ecosystem, these are:•soil caretakers•all-natural pest controllers ✓As soil caretakers, pangolins through their elongated […]



PREPARING TOWARDS THE WORLD PANGOLIN DAY CELEBRATION 2022!!! EPE in Lagos is a hotspot for the trade of wildlife, including pangolins. PANGOLINS have been sold for many years here. It is also known that illegal trading in pangolin and its parts go on here. EPE is our destination this year for WPD 2022! It is […]