Pangolins provide the earth with all-natural pest control. They are fantastic tenders of soil. Their presence alongside other organisms and processes within the habitat they live in, is absolutely imperative to continued healthy ecosystem functioning.

Pangolins play two basic roles in the ecosystem, these are:
•soil caretakers
•all-natural pest controllers

✓As soil caretakers, pangolins through their elongated claws burrow into the soil for shelter and to excavate ant and termite nests for food. By doing this, the soil is mixed and aerated which helps to improve the nutrient quality of the soil and aid the decomposition cycle.

✓As pest controllers, it is estimated that a single pangolin consumes as much as 70 million insects in a year (mainly termites and ants). Pangolins help to control insect numbers, thereby maintaining a balance in the ecosystem.

✓The existence of this creature has basically helped humans in solving the problems of pest control and soil decomposition.

✓It is therefore expedient we conserve this creature to maintain their role, which might be difficult to maintain if they are taken out of the ecosystem.