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Big win for pangolins!

At this point in time when pangolins are all being driven to extinction with great speed, every measure deemed necessary should be applied to save the remaining populations of pangolins. CITES COP19 urges parties to remove references to pangolins from ‘official pharmacopoeia’…And also encouraged conducting workshops on law enforcement concerned with illegal cross-border movement of […]

Endangered Species Day!

The National Endangered Species Day was celebrated on the 20th of May, 2022. It is a day set apart to hold special events or programs that is tailored towards creating awareness for endangered species. This year being the 17th Annual Endangered Species Day was themed “recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”. At PCGN, pangolins are […]



PREPARING TOWARDS THE WORLD PANGOLIN DAY CELEBRATION 2022!!! EPE in Lagos is a hotspot for the trade of wildlife, including pangolins. PANGOLINS have been sold for many years here. It is also known that illegal trading in pangolin and its parts go on here. EPE is our destination this year for WPD 2022! It is […]

#WorldPangolinDay2017: Saving the world’

world pangolin day

In response to the pangolin’s plight, numerous campaigns have been launched to raise awareness on its vulnerability, including the World Pangolin Day which is celebrated every third Saturday in February to come up with ways of tackling the rapid decline of pangolin population in Asia and Africa. As part of activities to mark the 2017 […]